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Self-Help Guides 

Quitting doesn’t happen in one step. It’s more of a process that happens in stages. The Canadian Cancer Society publishes a set of quit smoking guides called One Step at a Time. Choose the quit guide that best matches how you feel and find out how One Step at a Time can help.

These guides can be downloaded by clicking on the title, with a choice between four languages.

One Step at a Time: For smokers who don't want to quit

  • Supports you with information on quitting – no strings attached. Helps you deal with people who nag you to quit.
  • Helps you understand your smoking habit and how smoking affects the people around you.

One Step at a Time: For smokers who want to quit

  • Provides information to help motivate and build up your confidence to quit.
  • Helps you prepare to quit and set a date that will make the most for your chances of success.
  • Helps you develop a plan for the days immediately before and after you quit smoking.
  • Provides guidance if you’re tempted to smoke after quitting and how to stay smoke-free for good.

One Step at a Time: Help a Smoker Quit

  • Helps you to realize the decision to quit must come from the smoker themselves.
  • Helps you to learn how to encourage the smoker, during their quit, without becoming a “nag”.
  • Helps you to understand the smoker and the quitting process.

The One Step at a Time material is based on the best available science about quitting smoking. The content reflects current research findings and the material is developed, revised and reviewed by independent experts. The editorial content of the material is controlled by the Canadian Cancer Society. We do not endorse or mention any specific products or any product manufacturers.