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Smokers' Helpline Online

Smokers’ Helpline Online (SHO) is an interactive, web-based service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering tips, tools and support to help with quitting smoking.

There are two main parts to this Online service: the self directed quit program and the online community.

Quit Program

Once you become a member you have access to all of the Quit Plan exercises and tools to help you better understand your smoking. The more you know, the better chances you have of quitting.

By registering for Smokers' Helpline Online you can:

  • work through the exercises at your own pace to help you understand if you are ready to quit, prepare to quit, understand and deal with withdrawal and maintain your smoke-free status.
  • create a personalized quit plan including tips on behavior change.
  • keep track of your progress using SHO ‘Cravings Diary’.
  • measure your success using the SHO 'Quit meter'.
  • download ‘One Step at a Time’ Self-Help guides for more help planning your quit.
  • search for other stop smoking support services in your local area.
Smokers’ Helpline Online Community

Through the online community you will share your experiences, gain inspiration and support from others to help you through your quit. Once you are registered, you can:

  • post in the online support group once you've created an account. Or just read what others are experiencing, until you are ready to join in.
  • ask questions of Trained Smokers’ Helpline moderators in support group discussions or through feedback.
  • easily access Quit Buddies Private Messenger to communicate with other members one-on-one.
  • draw inspiration from successful quitters featured in SHO Hall of Fame, Anniversary Celebrations and Testimonials.
  • make a Public Pledge to strengthen your commitment to be smoke-free.
  • sign up for an 11 week series of Inspirational e-mails.