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I have a question about quitting smoking for the SHO Support Team

If you have a question about quitting smoking, or if you have a question about changing your behavior to help you quit smoking, please enter your question below. 

Please note: Smokers’ Helpline Online is unable to advise on issues unrelated to smoking cessation.  For specific questions on issues such as mental health, prescription medication and over the counter medications, we would advise you to seek attention from your physician, healthcare practitioner or pharmacist. 

If you are experiencing some side-effects from a prescription or over the counter product, please contact your local emergency department, poison control center, doctor, therapist or local hospital.

If this is an emergency please call 911 immediately.

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If you are experiencing a technical problem, chances are that others are also experiencing the same problem. The more information that you can give our IT Team, the quicker we’ll be able to help you.

Example of vague feedback:
"My SHO Instant Messenger doesn't work" (it is difficult for us to know how we can assist you).

Example of very helpful feedback: "I'm using Windows 98 on a broadband connection, when i clicked on one of my buddies in the buddy list (John Smith) I received a popup window error with a following error: "JIT Compilor error, SSCServer.AudioBlaster".

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